ITB's VMS/MSP Delivery Model

ITB's VMS / MSP Delivery Model

ITBrainiac is a recruiting and customer service organization. We provide responsive staff augmentation services to assure that you, our MSP customer, gets quality candidates faster and within budget so that you meet your commitments to your end client. We combine the staff, processes, technologies, resources and philosophy to provide you with the best possible outcome.

ITBrainiac’s Staff consists of:

 A very experienced Technical head-hunting team of 65 members who is dedicated to embracing changes that technology and supply chain management practices have brought to the industry.

  Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) with great customer service and communication skills who have previously supported managed service programs. (MSPs & VMS)

  Recruiters dedicated only to supporting VMS/MSP accounts who have experience recruiting for the types of jobs you need to fill i.e. Volume requirements, Nationwide needs.

 A back-office payroll and receivables team familiar with the time/attendance and invoice reporting functionality of MSP applications to accurately pay our employees and apply your payments.

ITBrainiac’s Technologies include:

 A cutting edge recruiting and applicant tracking system (ATS) that efficiently interfaces with VMS/MSP applications to enable us to respond to Job Orders/ Requirements quickly.

 Payroll and accounting interfaces that delivers accurate payroll and invoice reconciliation.

ITBrainiac’s Processes ensure:

  We dedicate a single point of contact MSP Manager & A Junior Manager to each program for all your orders nationally who understands and adheres to your processes.

  We follow all contractual rules and guidelines including no direct solicitation of job orders.

 We are 100% compliant on all audits.

 We follow standard Background check and Vetting process to ensure applicant suitability.

  We are an E-verified firm and each resource’s legal visa status gets verified against Federal database before submissions.

  We continually improve by being metrics driven and regularly measuring our own performance based on common metrics that you use to review suppliers in your scorecard process.

ITBrainiac’s Resources enable us to:

 Provide employees nationally in all 50 states.

 Meet your insurance requirements.

 Invest in staff and infrastructure required to meet your evolving business needs.

  Supply employees for most all job categories and industries i.e. Finance, Engineering, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Govt. services etc.

  Assign staff to service your program who have extensive VMS application experience so there is no need for your team to spend their valuable time training the supplier.